Hi everyone!! I saw Dana do this a while ago, and I thought it would be time to ‘officially’ introduce myself with a post as well!
Just so you guys know, I DO have other interests instead of just Psych, you can find those things on my other blog ‘blackandtanexpress
So, ok, here’s a random list of things about me:

- My name is Annika HI! (hi isn’t my last name, I’m just saying ‘hi’)
- AND I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW SEASON TO START even though Psych doesn’t really seem to care for European fans (I can’t watch the Social Sector videos?? Also I can almost never participate in Psych contests)
- I still love Psych and everything about it ok (in case this wasn’t clear yet)
- I make too many gifsets and I should probably lay low for a while
- I LOVE ALL MY FOLLOWERS omg I seriously love all of you, you’re great
- I’m a volunteer at the local concert hall as a photographer, so I go to concerts at least twice a month and I LOVE IT
- I also take photo’s for a living, so that’s really cool
- I will reblog my own stuff so it get’s over the 500/1000 notes (I’m a horrible person)
- I love cats so much and also foxes.
- I get really excited when someone sends me a message (sometimes I come over as pathetic, just ignore me)
- I can get really hyped about stuff that I love and I’ll talk about it until someone stops me and tells me how annoying I am
- If I’m in a grumpy/sad mood, just send me cute cat/fox/dog/bunny/penguin pictures or something and I’ll get happy again
- I try to attent all the Psych rewatches that Kate organizes and I often stay up late just to talk to all those cool people on the tinychat (Psych basically ruined my life).
- I love playing video games but I usually just play in the weekends. I’m always scared that I’ll play until midnight and forget about the time and get late to work the next day. I can’t stand being late to work/other plans that I made.

I also have a Twitter account and I have a Skype account, but I always forget about Skype. Oops.

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