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Anonymous » Did you get the joke they made about how they already have a psychic and he was alphabetising the cereals in the kitchen? I thought it was hilarious! They were playing on monk! Another TV show that took place in San Francisco!  

Yes, it was HILARIOUS!!

This is San Francisco, it’s a little more structured perhaps than you’re use to.

Anonymous » Annika, I am so glad you are sticking around even though Psych is over because you and your blog make me happy and my dash wouldn't be the same without you!  


psych as a political thriller
⟼ shawn spencer, once a hot-shot prosecutor, runs for office after being persuaded by his closest allies. the campaign runs smoothly enough; it’s his tenure in office that begins to get dangerous. confronted with death threats and conventions working against his decisions, shawn delves into a world of smooth-talking criminals and finds he’s in more trouble than he anticipated.

Isn’t she crazy beautiful?
Isn’t she strange, strange, and wonderful?
I think I love her more than I even understand.