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Anonymous » Is the relationship between Shawn and Henry unhealthy early on? There's a particular flashback where Shawn asks Gus if Henry ever said he loved Shawn. Shawn says that guys don't say "ily" cuz they're guys. That's bad for a kid to think growing up!  

As we see in the flashbacks, Henry was often more concerned about what other people thought of him and Shawn then Shawns actual emotions/choices. I guess it wasn’t the most ‘healthy’ relationship a father and son could have, but Henry was there for Shawn when he needed him and gave him some (awful but also) great advice.
Shawn has let known that Henry hasn’t been the best father ever (there’s also a bit of blame for Maddie in that story tho), but yeah, there are way more awful fathers out there so he suck it up!

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